How Dangerous Your Plastic Bags?

"Recycle Product"
Plastic Bags

By: Endang Sriwahyuni

In order to achieve the success of global warming effect reduction, recycle programs are now exist in almost all over the world. The one of it is Plastic bags recycle.

Plastic bag is very nescessary to be recycled because it needs 500 up to 1000 years to be decomposed. It will pollute the soil. Then, people inspired to do plastic bags recycle. The example of its result is the black plastic bags (kantong plastik hitam) which usually used for wrapping the food like fried banana, etc. The colour is not only black actually, it can be white, yellow, green, etc. But the apperance is transparent.  More transparent bags means that it has been recycled many times. It is actually a great idea. However, when society know that the source of this recycle are from the rubish or from the last banishment place (TPA), people feel disgusted to use it although the aim is to keep our earth. Actually, how dangerous that kind of plastic bags?

Basically, usage of this kind of plastic bags for the food, especially hot food is very dangerous because the subtance of the plastic itself will leak into the food. Gradually it will cause cancer. Ofcourse, people aren’t wrong if consider that usage of this plastic bags is dangerous. However, this kinds of bag is one of many way to save our earth, so what should we do?

We can keep to use this recycled plastic bags to wrap the things that aren’t food. Or if we have to wrap the food with it, just keep the food in the something like food box, then just wrap it by this plastic bag. That’s the solution so that we can save both our earth and our body.

As a teacher, whatever we’re teaching about, we should be able to bring this case in the class and invite students to aware and care with the environment.


About Endang Sriwahyuni

a long life learner, an educator, a writer, and a dreamer.

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  1. Doing the recycle plastic is the one way for us to safe our earth. But like you say that it will be dangerous for our health, if we can’t use correctly. What do you think with paper bag? have you ever heard about it? I think some country out there use paper bag instead of plastic. They assume that recycle paper bag is easier than plastic. why does Indonesia do not try it in this country to safe our earth? hehe! 🙂

  2. Try to bring our own food box in our bag! how about it?

  3. a nice article.. the problem is habit. as we know that people usually use plastic bags as their habits. may this article can make us realize how are the effects of plastic bags for our earth.

  4. Wow… paper bag is also great idea actually. Hmmm,,,,…. unfortunately paper is made from the tree’s skin. Whereas the trees are very important to support our breath and life. If we use more paper, there will be more trees logging, right? Hmmm… it also threats our life.

    Ya Diah… agree…. ofcourse we’ve to be selective in choosing the box that is save for us. I mean… the box that isn’t contain of dangerouse substance.

    Ya… habbit… this is the crusial case I think. Habbit is something difficult to be destroyed. hehe… Like Javanese said “Witing trisno jalaran soko kulino”. Meaning that we love something/someone because of habbit. So, we love to use plastic bags because this is our habbits,,,… human habbit from long long time ago.. :p

  5. Endang, yes plastic bags are very dangerous. But, sometimes I can not avoid the use of plastic bags. Why? because, when I go to the minimarket, I bought a lot of things. My own bag can not be used to put those things. That’s why, I received the plastic bags from the minimarket.
    So, can you give me suggestions to reduce the use of plastic bags?

  6. Woww, So you really care about earth condition end.
    this is really hard actually, because using plastic is also part of our lifestyle.
    hope, there is more advance technology so that we can leave plastics as well.
    maybe we can bring something, food or anything else Digitally someday . .

  7. i agree with u.! it’s only a little thing we can do to save our planet. but every little thing gives u away, kan? biarpun kecil tapi berdampak besar bagi duniahaha

  8. bagai makan buah simalakama (???) (-_-)’
    it’s dilemma if we talk about plastic. it’s flexible but also is dangerous.
    but our ancestors can live without plastic,,,why do we can’t???

  9. I’d should check with you here. Which is not something I often do! I get pleasure from studying a post that can make folks think. Also, thanks for allowing me to remark!

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