Does Student Have to Face Facebook?

By: Endang Sriwahyuni

It is a kind of messy writing.
I just write what I want to write.

Facebook is a social networking media that found by a Harvard University student, Mark Zuckerberg. His work which began in 2005 finally becomes famous until now. Even, based on the note from “lembaga survey pemasaran internet” in January 2010, Indonesia is has second position after USA as the largest facebook user. While from facebook announcement ( by August 18th, 2010 Indonesia is in third position as largest fecebook user (facebooker_red) 🙂

In some schools or colleges of Indonesia, facebook is also integrated in teaching and learning process. Usually it is used for forming a group to facilitate them conduct discussion about the current subject. My college friends propose to use facebook as media for improving writing skill like creating a poem and then do something like polling on which poem is the most favorite one by counting the amount of respond on “like” button. Waaaww… great… 🙂

Hmmm… however, facebook usage in school context creates pros and cons in the Indonesian society. The cons appear because by involving facebook, students will be given much time to go online. Whereas, by going online, everyone can see and get information about everything, both of good and bad, that have bad effect, especially children and adolescence who can’t differentiate between good and bad.  Even facebook itself has ever caused some Indonesian girls left their home in for several days to meet boys that they know from this site. They went home in bad condition, too too bad… 🙂

Facebook has “rather” bad reputation in our society if it is used by children.

Hey… like my lectures said, facebook broke the definition of “friend” that actually is a person or people that we really know. But in facebook even a person who never we meet also able to be friend. Hmmmm… it is not good.

My lecturer questioned on statement to make a class discussion with means that students and teacher will have interaction each other toward current lesson through button “comment”. So how if students comment isn’t relate with the lesson or even disturbing? These are my class answers:

Teacher as administrator may delete that comments (…… seemingly not wise……)

Create regulation in using this class facebook group in the beginning (…..hmmmm, but, students are students….)

Email Mark Zuckerberg to create new application that can solve that problem (…… why should? Even you can do it by yourself….. :))

So, taking the decision to use facebook in the class, have to be followed by some strategy or solution to face the risks, especially for children.

Just conclude this messy writing with our hearth and also thought as prospective teacher candidate.  … .Hehehe 🙂


About Endang Sriwahyuni

a long life learner, an educator, a writer, and a dreamer.

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  1. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case.
    my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it
    with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

  2. well thank’s for the respond, hmmm.. but anyway, there are some kinds of writing style we know. 🙂 on of it is giving chance to the readers for deciding the solution.

  3. in personally facebook approach for indonesian student is very crucial for me because the having fun sense of using facebook itself.

    i think for this time fb can provide for our learning just to touch our students. I mean get their attention because of fb are close with them and we use it as a media, perhaps they can feel enjoy or feeling up to date learn through fb, but for me if we take fb for more than that i think the agreement or rules are so long and not as good as we imagine. i think it is good if just share opinion, or share announcement and so on that the status or discussion it;s not really academic 😀

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