What Can A Teacher Do with A Cell Phone?

by: Endang Sriwahyuni

“Dream is a key for us to seize the world”, said Nidji, one of Indonesian band group through the song entitled “Laskar Pelangi”. So, it’s no problem for us to start our life with our dreams. Then, just attempt to realize it. I even just realized that a teacher also has to have dreams or specifically imagination to conduct an exciting class. My lecturer asked my peers and me to look at each of our cell phone deeply, then, imagine about what we can do with it as a teacher in a class. I start to imagine, dream. I will use some features of mine to be implemented in class learning process, like camera, voice recorder, music player, and radio.

What is the function of camera? Of course, it is for taking the pictures. The teacher can sometime ask the students in groups to use their cellphone camera for taking pictures of an object. The pictures are then described by them. While describing, the pictures must be sent to other groups through Bluetooth so that every student can learn clearly about what is being described.

The students are also able to record their description by voice recorder of the cell phone. Then, it must be shared to other groups too. So, they are not only feeling free to learn what is being described by visualization, but also through the voice.

The music player in the class is functioned simply. Just to support sugestopedia method. So, during students do the task or group work, we give a backsound. Because, believe or not, music can influence the brain to think or to do some actions. So, just play the slow music to make them enjoy in finishing the work.

What is the function of the radio, then? Well, we can use the radio to support the class in learning news casting text. So, they can get the example directly.

That’s only some examples of what a cell phone can give to a teacher in supporting learning process. We can use camera, voice recorder, music player, and radio. Do you find other features to use? Just develop it in your mind, dream it well. As dream is a key to seize the world. Imagination is a key to conduct exciting class. 🙂


About Endang Sriwahyuni

a long life learner, an educator, a writer, and a dreamer.

Posted on November 25, 2010, in English Teaching (TLL Project). Bookmark the permalink. 12 Comments.

  1. Hi Endang, I like your article…
    By the way, can you share to me about your idea in using cell phone to practice speaking skill for language aspect? If you were a teacher, what would you do in your classroom with that technology?

  2. Eendz, I really love your article, it’s very inspiring me as teacher candidate.. ^0^
    Btw, I agree we can use cellphone in teaching learning process, but in my experience whebn I had observation in MAN 11 Jakarta, I found that there are some students who doesn’t have cellphone. So, what do you think about it?

    For my suggestion. Music player also can use to listen to the English song, therefore it can help students to integrate their listening and speaking skills. Because they can listen to it and sing it back, they can also memorize the lyrics. hehe

    • totally agree with your recomendation about listening Riita… 🙂
      well, as a teacher we have to be realistic too ofcourse. if most of students don’t have cellphone, never give instruction to engage them through this kind of technology tool because it only will make them feel difficult. See what opportunity that we can use instead of cellphone. 🙂 Does it answer?

  3. that is good article, I think your article can answer the issues about budget of technology itself when we use it in to classroom learning. I think mobile phone also technology that I think more close with us. that is very good if we can utilize it in to our teaching then. However, can you share me about how is an effective one to bring it in language learning..
    thank you endang..:-)

    • Thank you Yani…
      Hmm.. to bring it effectively to the language learning is a good question to answer. I think the teacher have to design well the effective scenario how to integrate it in the learning process. And anyway, i think the usage of cellphone in class is not everytime and not too much so that students not bored.

  4. Devieta Noor Afini

    What do you think? Does pulsa will disturb you and your students in using HP in your teaching n learning process? Let’s share

    • hai Dep.. i think it will not too much.. just use the sim-card which provide “free-access” to sms or internet. We’ve provoke students in one class to use the same kind of card at least for this learning purpose. 🙂 Does it answer, Dep?

  5. Devieta Noor Afini

    Ndang visit my blo.. hehehe

  6. yup, actually there so many advantages we can get from cell phone to enhance our learning. However, sometimes we can not control that. For example, I sometimes prefer to use my gadget to for entertainment to studying. Perhaps, it also happen to some students. How do you face that?? could you give us solution?? 🙂

  7. Hai Diyah.. I think the teacher try making students bussy with the designed activity, so they’ll have no time to just enjoying the un-related things.

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