A Teacher Needs to Know the Models of Learning

By: Endang Sriwahyuni


The core job of a teacher is teaching, so, is it important to know the model of learning in the class? Hmmm… . Absolutely it is yes. Why? because teaching is a media to guide students learning. So, the teacher needs to know the models of learning. The aim of it is to conduct various learning activities in the class.

Based on the book written by Watkins, Carnell, and Lodge entitled “Effective Learning in Classroom”, there are three models of learning, they’re reception, construction, and co-construction.

Reception is model of learning where there is transmission of knowledge from the external source (for example is teacher) to the receiver (students). So, learning here is being taught. The teacher gives students the concept and knowledge while students are only receiving it purely.

Construction is totally different with reception because in this model, students construct by their selves the meaning of concept of knowledge through discussion, discovery, open-ended learning, making connections, etc. Here, learning means an individual sense-making.

Co-construction model let students or learners to interact with other learners then collaboratively building knowledge. It can be in form of group discussion, jigsaw, etc.


With those three models of learning, the class activity will

make the students’ thought be balance as they ever taught directly by teacher like the common happen in school, they ever sharp the individual sense-making, and even they ever cooperate with others in establish the knowledge. It will be very enjoyable learning in the class if there are various activities applied. So, teacher need to know, even master and apply the three models of learning for students.


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  1. Yes you are right about it. But then as a teacher we really need to consider about our student! So that we as a teacher could decide the appropriate model of learning in the classroom.

    Good job Bu Een

  2. Both Iwan and Endang are correct, we should consider everything… once one of them missed, teaching is like not 100 percent. This is what happened in reality, isn’t it?
    However, I’ve just thought that in fact, dedicated past teacher also had passion like the idealism of what we are discussing about. But, at that time, communicative skill doesn’t emphasized. As the result, skill of students in grammar or writing was no doubt any longer.
    Now, I did find some of issues that accuracy is somehow ignored. Because, I think it also influence the meaning according context of language spoken.
    This will be the next issue, I believe.

    • nice case,,… i think it’s teh next generation of teachers’ job to make it unignored anymore..
      Hmm.. by the way, is it possible that the instruction to learn English just by speaking without thinking the grammer and other regulations makes the accuracy ignored?

  3. as a teacher it means we are the manager of the classroom also as a decision maker. we can not say which one is the best either from teacher or students point of view because it will be better if we mix it.

    i said it to respond iwan’s comment “we have to consider of students” because every students is different and it is possible to mix the model to touch all of students.

    are you agree with me??????

  4. hi endang,
    Among those models of learning, do you think there is a dominant one that is used in most Indonesian schools?

    • Hai Pane.. i think reception model, because my teachers used to teach me so. But it just based on my experience. My teachers even almost never introduce me to collaborative learning.

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