Experience of a Teacher Candidate: Wanna be an Effective Teacher

By: Endang Sriwahyuni

(a writing based on my experience)

82 School  is still known as the high class school until my last week there in teaching assistance program, even maybe till now. Most of students always ignore the existence of the teacher in the class. When the teacher teach them, they sometime just talking with other, playing their cellphone, wearing headphone (maybe listening to music), or even fall asleep. Some teachers said that this is a usual case. It happens because the students are from high social economic family, rich people, so, they accustomed to do so, obeying nothing. Teacher can’t do anything to regulate students. Actually, I’m questioning on that point. Does students’ social economy status is the reason they ignore the teacher? Does the effectiveness of learning condition in class influence it?

In the third grade, the teacher tended to use lesson clarity, although not all indicators are within it. The instructional strategies he used were direct instruction. He opened the class, stated that he would explain in summary about English text types with power point. After that, they would have a test which shown in presentation slide, and they’ve to answer it in the given answer sheet. The result will be used for measuring the ability of students and for finally it became reference to explain more the text type that many students don’t understand. Many of them couldn’t differentiate between report and description, narrative and recount, etc. Then, my team were commanded to make a presentation of text types differences to teach 3rd grade students. In my opinion, that’s way is effective because it tries to make students really clear in the differences of the text. It means that teacher want to have a meaningful teaching and learning process. Unfortunately, there is a part which makes it rather not effective. When teacher explain in summary, many of students didn’t give attention, ignoring. It is maybe because the teacher only read what has been written in the slides. In other that, giving 2 minutes for answering questions of one text, then slide move automatically is not really wise, because the difficulties of each text is different. If I were a teacher in that condition, I will use the same way, but more considering the time split for each question, and in explaining students the summarize of the text type, I prefer to use acronym, for example, for generic structure of narrative is OCR by showing my thumb, seems like saying “okay” to someone named “R”. So, students will more easily remember :).

Experience in 3rd grade still not answers my question yet. Luckily, my team got opportunity to teach 2 classes of first grade. The teacher left us in the class. We taught about the English text type for class X, they’re procedure, narrative, and recount. First, we elicit students to update status, what come in mind toward those three text type. We also give simple messaging game to reduce their sleepiness. We didn’t explain directly the lesson, but giving some pictures and question that relate with the text type first. We combined the opinion and knowledge from students, then, restated and concluded. In every end of text type explanation, we ask them to reflect what we’ve explained. Finally, we gave them a group game to arrange given sentences and phrases in the paper pieces into generic structure, language feature and characteristics of each type, and present the result. We used “Engagement in the learning process” and also direct instruction to have effective teaching. This way is totally different with how their teacher taught them in procedure text who tended to use individual study. In my opinion, our teaching is effective because their reflection show their understanding toward our explanation. Even, majority of students were enthusiastic in following this class. I think because they felt involved and have role in learning process, not like usual who only listen to what teacher explain. However, updating status took much times because their first impression, before they knew how colorful are our teaching, is rather underestimate. So, they’re not enthusiastic.

Therefore, now I can answer my question. Students’ social economic class isn’t reason of why they ignore the teacher. It depends on how teacher can create effective teaching to create effective learning. I’m happy because my team can engage ’82 students with all of their status into our lesson. Hundred thank for our lecturers… 🙂





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  1. in the end of paragraph, I like the way you think, and I absolutely agree with you. Don’t stereotype about the students background as the reason of their learning fail in the classroom. the more valuable think is let’s introspect and reflect the way we taught so that we can do improvement!! 😉

  2. That’s right diyah.. 🙂 hmmm by the way… we still have time to learn and practice more before being the real teacher..
    And if we are being teacher, may we’ll be the teacher who can educate instead of only teach… focus on not only academic but also moral value of students….

  3. Student background is really important part which teacher has to know. So, what do you think “why it is important’?

    by the way mba endang, why your words are too small? I was tired read your posting.
    hehehehehe 😀
    It’s just my comment ..

    • hehe.. thank you umi for your suggestion. I’ve thought about it , but i can do nothing as it is completely set from the template. hehe

      the diference of students’ background will be information for us to make decision “what will we do with this student?” because every student has different need and condition 🙂

  4. Since we’re in the same location, i know your feeling en, ^o^
    We can see that a teacher who can manage the class well will be their favourite teacher ryt?

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