“Graduate background” is One Challenge for Teacher Candidate

By: Endang Sriwahyuni

Let’s imagine something firstly here. If you are a headmaster of a school, then there are two men register to be teacher in your school, which characteristic you will choose? Easily say it the name A and B. A was graduated from faculty of English Education who has very good basic in teaching and all about pedagogy. While B, was graduated from English Literature (pure science of English) who has very good English competence. Both of them are from the best and popular university of the country and were graduated with best mark.  So, which one you will choose?

If we use the first one, of course it is safe because he is prepared to be teacher with all his skill and education background. However, sometime the case of education graduate is only focuses on the pedagogy or teaching technique, but less concern on content.

If we choose the second one, we will provide students the teacher with good quality of content knowledge. Unfortunately he is not prepared as a teacher so he never gets the subject of teaching technique.

People with pure science graduate  is considered better than education science graduate. Especially in Indonesia, it is because pure science is more popular than education science.  So, many cleaver people prefer to pure science to dig up the content knowledge. If finally they are interested to teach, just follow some easy steps then they can teach at any schools they want.

The headmaster feel safe by providing teacher who have large knowledge because

he/she will transfer that knowledge to students. (Hmmmm… Does it guarantee that they can convey the material well as never get teaching technique course?) I have experience on it. My physic teacher when I was in senior high school graduate from physic pure science of one of popular university of this country. He mater the material very well, but, unfortunately, he could not teach the students well. Maybe because he did not knoe the method or technique of teaching. However, people will solve it easily. Nowadays there are so many workshops about being good teacher, so the teacher with pure science background can join it to improve their teaching skill. Hmmm.. even I got this kind of information directly from the teacher who has pure science background when I was in school observation. Unfortunately, he teaches better than another teachers who have teaching education in the same major.

It is a one challenge for us, the teacher candidates in the future. What we need to master is not only the skill to teach students well, but also the content knowledge. Because however, the purpose of teaching is not to show how well we teach but how can we transfer the knowledge or help students in learning the material we teach.

Inspired by PETA class of week 3

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  1. oh
    you remind me about interview of 2 applicants from different educational background. And i was disappointed to be not chosen just because i am from private university
    well, anyway, i agree with u that educational background isn’t everything in being a teacher. Teachers’ job kan is not only about teaching but also how they deliver the lesson and make effective teaching and learning process in class.
    nice posting Endang!

  2. mba endang this is our experience in peta class several weeks ago… In my opinion, it doesn’t matter where the teacher candidates from. the important thing is how far they experience in teaching. that’s my opinion lho yaaa… thank you

  3. If i were the headmaster, i will choose the teacher from the English education background. Yes maybe the person who from English literature background has very good English, but who you think better in managing the classroom? Who will know better in delivering the material?

  4. I think competence, personality and eligibility of each person may become an issue in this case . Therefore, I as the future headmaster of Nice Academy will consider about all the three categories first as the criterion… and i believe SSE Graduates are good in all criterion :^o^

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