The Importance of Feedback

Feedback /ˈfiːdbak/ is information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement. That is based on the oxford dictionary online definition. In teaching, feedback is also one of component. It means the respond of teacher toward students’ assessment, task, or performance.

Why does it important for students?

It is because feedback can be spirit burner for the students to improve their competence. For example, when they get bad mark, they know that they get bed mark and be spirit to improve it. Or, keep fighting to get good mark.

With feedback, students can know in which part they make mistake so that they can learn more and next time will not do the same mistake.

Feedback that is also component of effective teaching (see my previous posting ). As the sense of teaching is helping students learning, and learning itself is process from “do not know” to “know” even unde

rstand, so feedback is the tool. It helps students to make their selves better in improving knowledge.

The teacher has to concern on it. Feedback is not only the words “you are good” but also the explanation of responds toward students’ product or performance. With feedback, the teacher can help students to do improvement. See this video for additional imformation



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  1. personally, feedback is very important for us as a learner. from the feedback, i will know my mistakes and try to improve it.

    endang, what do you think if there is a teacher who keep our assignments without give feedback?
    as a students what will you do?

  2. I absolutely agree with u en.. when I was in senior high school my teacher never give me feedback , they only put my scores without explain anything.. Now, after learning about PETA in our class , I realize that feedback gives many advantages both for students and teacher,,, btw does feedback has a relationship with student’s motivation? do you have criteria for good feedback?

  3. i agree with u endang, feedback is very helpful for our student’s improvement but as a teacher we also need to consider for the timing of giving feedback for the students. i think as soon as the mark already given, that’s the proper time for giving feedback because their idea is still fresh to improve their task, if the task like paper task 🙂
    i wanna ask u een, how is the effective way for giving feedback to the student? personally or…..

  4. feedback is just like a “additional’ profit that we get from our work ryt? we love feedback..^o^

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