A story about making a Question

(Important to Read, for you, Great Generation of Educators)

This is only a kind of learning reflection after I attend my course, Language Testing and Assessment. On that day, my lecturer taught us about how to test reading. We were asked to make a construct of reading. Simply, we had to make 4 questions to test reading after the lecturer finished his explanation.
Firstly, he gave us a text. Then, we made questions from that text in group of 4. The discussion process was very interesting. And the presentation was more interesting. The groups check the works each other. We seemed like fight and shoot each other, like in a big and hot war. We thought critically to comment other group’s work and convince other group when they comment or tackle our work. It seems negative, but we can say that it is just a game. We even feel no offense after the presentation done. I felt having new spirit in this course. Whereas, some weeks before I was down and want to give up in this course because the material is too much and such as an abstract thing which hard to be understood. However, on that meeting, I got new spirit. I really felt a need to learn this course seriously because it teaches me all about language testing and assessment. I need it as I will be an educator, Insha’Allah.
During the presentation on that day, I found some cases in creating test questions, such as:
– The distracter in choices of multiple choice task tests is not meaningful (too easy to guess), not balance (example: if the answer expected from a question of similar vocabulary is adjective, all choices must be adjective).
– The question creates possibility of too general answers from the students. It happens in essay test task. The solution is by giving the alternative answers, like make it into multiple choices.
– The answer can be found without reading the given text.
Those cases influence the quality of the test item and its reliability. So, we as the educator or subjects who will be test rater, should concern on the common cases like I stated above.
Really, I am interested in that class.

“Many people say that reading is the easiest test to give. However, to create a good quality reading test item is not easy.”


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a long life learner, an educator, a writer, and a dreamer.

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