Control the Environment

I interviewed some students of the class that I would teach at the school. My focus question was about the method of their English teacher in teaching. They told me how usually the teacher in the class.

“Firstly, the teacher greets us, then, asks our condition, and finally explains the lesson. She uses the whiteboard to explain. However, she seems like doesn’t care to us. So, some of us give full attention, some of us play the blackberry, and even there are students who just sleep. The teacher never complains us.”

I was actually sad to know the condition of the class. Honestly, I was also afraid if the students would do so when I taught them. Because of that, I want to make the class better. At least, all students in the class involve in the learning and teaching process. Here I feel the need for self-determination. I was motivated to control class environment. Then, I tried to apply students centered learning by jigsaw activity. Maybe some students did not like this method because they have to move and move, but I saw their enthusiasm and serious when explaining the topic they got to their friends. There were no students who sleep anymore although there are students who still have time to check their black berry for a moment. I think I was success to make them be involved in the class teaching and learning process.

Reflection of School Experience Part 2 in the  fifth semester



About Endang Sriwahyuni

a long life learner, an educator, a writer, and a dreamer.

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