Monthly Archives: September 2014

Yearning for Reading & Writing

This night, I do yearn for two things I’m interested in before, reading and writing. I don’t know why, what I know is just I’m yearning for reading a lot of books and writing everything comes in my mind. However, it is not really easy to start although the thing sounds simple, just reading and writing, but restarting something or habit for me is sometimes hard.

I have left my habit to read books and write something since one year ago. I feel “empty” in my mind. I feel “full” in my heart. In fact, stop reading and writing extremely burdensome me. Maybe, it is because reading is actually refreshing and writing is actually healing.

I suddenly remember a promise to one of my best friends, when I said good bye to him before moving to Lampung, to keep writing especially about my teaching experience here.  But I stand on too much excuses to not starting writing.  And again, I extremely yearn to write, I do yearn to read.  I hope it is not too late to restart everything.  I am going to manage my time to read and write everyday, InshaAllah.  Bismillah.


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