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Some weeks ago I was called by my school foundation. Myth said that there will be only about 3 things when we are called by the foundation, (1)your mistake (2)your work (3)your important day or something like after achieving award or wedding. And it was true. I was called for my lateness on a day where I should do my additional job as teacher on duty.

After that calling, I was late once more and I felt too guilty. The weeks after, I tried harder not to be late.

Till I arrived in this thought. Although I used to be late, but I always  tried to do my job as well as I can as a teacher on duty.  However, that morning I saw a partner who is never late for being teacher on duty but she didn’t do her job as has been assigned to her. She just came to school very early but then doing something other.

Suddenly I just felt this is not fear. I think you can get what i meant.

Both me and her are not good. We should, of course, come early morning and always do our job well. But, again, i just felt this is not fear.

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