Translating Belief into the Real Deeds

I still tried to keep my belief that every student is nice. It’s normal if they do some mistakes, always wondered to try something new, or can’t differentiate which one is wrong or true. It’s our job as teacher to educate them. It’s my belief.

It’s triviality but I still feel that the differences of Lampung and Jakarta are not quite easy to face.  Friends, jobs, salary, pleasure, and many other things I have to adapt with are not easily made. This is my second year to live (again) in Lampung. I realized I have changed my self.  I feel that I don’t perform what really me. You know, I am even surrender to the reality, just run on the way I face, work in something I am not really master yet, and hide away my confusion deeply in my private thought. My life have become more serious since I started this new era of life. One more thing, I had stopped writing, even only to write my dream. I ignored how badly I yearn to write. I just didn’t want to write. Anything. Anywhere.

But, today, I remembered one of my best friends in college who ever asked me to write my experience of teaching students in Lampung.  I didn’t want to do it on that time but he just asked me to write. Then I feel I do yearn to write. At least, I have something to leave to this world, though the simple free and random writings.  And I think I don’t really use my English very well during the last year, so I am going to practice my English through my postings.  Hence, correct my English, please…. ^^. 😀

Well, I am going to start to tell you something that now is ruining my feeling.  It’s about me as a homeroom teacher in this almost end of academic year.  A homeroom teacher has to handle a class, deal with some administration about the students in the class, have more responsible to educate the students in each class, and shortly we can say that a homeroom teacher is a mom or dad for the students in that class. What challenging is it. I was very interested in this job because I thought asking students to do good deed (educating) is a pleasure. But, can I? ….

In my first year to work in this school, I was pointed to be a homeroom teacher of eleven social grade, the only one eleven social class in this school. Myth says that social class students are always chaotic and have low motivation to learn.  As a modern teacher and a fresh graduate educator, I had to try erasing that myth clearly from my belief. Even, although some senior teachers (I meant teachers who have worked here before me) said that the students in my class are challenging, I still tried to keep my belief that every student is nice. It’s normal if they do some mistakes, always wondered to try something new, or can’t differentiate which one is wrong or true. It’s our job as teacher to educate them. It’s my belief.


In fact, to translate and detail my belief in real deeds are not easy works.  Teenagers for me are not simple creature. They are unique, some of them have too high imagination, some of them have too loud voice when talking in a small room, some of them have traumatic of their previous life, some of them are too slow in understanding something, etc.  The job “to educate” has different meaning for one student to another. In other words, if we have 10 students with different cases, it means that we could have 10 different detail of “educate” itself.  Perhaps, student A needs to be educated in respecting someone because she/he is not accustomed to do it yet,  while students B needs to be educated in moving on from bad experience in the past, students C needs to be educated in understanding the lesson effectively, etcetera.  Even less to find the way or solution to give, knowing them and their problem personally for me is also hard.  Why? I am not sure yet about the answer, but maybe because I my self is sometimes not stable, too confused about what to do if the case occurred, even feel hard to communicate with others well cause of my introvert problem.

The academic year almost end. I still feel that I am not really close with my students although I am their homeroom teacher.  I also feel that  I am not success yet to educate them. Although I know, some students change their attitude significantly and some are not really significant, but I am just not satisfied with that.  Globally, teachers still consider my class as a chaotic class. Maybe someday I’ll tell you about the “chaotic”  of my class in more detail sharing. But now, it’s enough to convey that I am dizzy to translate my belief “to educate” students as this is my job as a teacher, as an educator.

Can you share your experience in translating your belief about educating students into real deed? Tell me, please.

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